Connected from the start, to protect Swiss forests

With over 1,900 stores, Coop is the second largest retail group in Switzerland and has a proven track record with regards to environmentally and socially responsible sourcing. Over 70% of all Coop timber products carry an FSC label, assuring customers the product has been responsibly sourced from well-managed forests. Coop also has its own-label brand, Oecoplan, and is a member of the Global Forest & Trade Network Switzerland (GFTN).

In recent years Coop has teamed up with the Forest Stewardship Council and the World Wildlife Fund® to undertake sustainability projects and launch new products. Recently, teak producers in Indonesia applied for FSC certification for both raw materials and finished products, ensuring that value is added to the supply chain at the country of origin.

A second landmark project is the responsible sourcing of rattan, used to produce baskets sold under Coop’s own-label brand, Oecoplan. Over the past five years the project has grown with the support of WWF and the European Union, providing remote farmers with the commercial and logistical know-how to enter Europeanmarkets, particularly Switzerland.

The raw material is sourced from a responsibly-managed forest in Bolikhamxay province in Laos, which in 2011 became the first forest in the world to gain FSC certification for rattan. Coop’s demand for certified, finished rattan products from Laos adds value locally, guaranteeing an income for villagers and ensuring that severely threatened local tropical forests aren’t over-exploited.

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