Connected from the start, for long term benefits

Central to Mondi's commitment to responsible forestry, and a fundamental business imperative, is ensuring the requirements of sustainable forestry practices are met - from the management of Mondi's own forests, through the procurement of wood and fiber, to the supply chain. In 2006 Mondi created its own Green Range label in response to a growing need for environmentally responsible paper, offering consumers certified paper from well-managed forests.

Mondi is committed to Forest Stewardship Council certification in all of its owned, leased and managed forests. FSC certification assures Mondi's customers, consumers and stakeholders that wood and fiber managed and procured by Mondi has been responsibly sourced from well-managed forests, and that traceability systems are regularly inspected, audited and certified. In Russia this represents 2.1 million hectares (with 23.5% set aside for conservation), and 307,000 hectares in South Africa (with 25% set aside for conservation). Mondi does not procure wood from illegal or controversial sources, and any mills used by Mondi are certified to Chain of Custody (CoC) standards by FSC, or another credible source.

Mondi’s commitment to responsible forestry in South Africa is evident through their highly successful initiative for engaging and settling land claims. Mondi works together with government and communities to develop claimant communities into responsible forestry enterprises, including ownership through trusts and income generation, while progressively developing their own businesses to operate along the forestry value chain. To date, Mondi has signed a total of 19 land settlements involving over 35,000 hectares of land in the provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga.

Mondi remains committed to FSC's vision and mission, these underpin the company's ongoing drive to improve sustainable forestry practices and environmental management and performance.

To read more about the work Mondi has done with FSC, visit Mondi Group Responsible Forestry