Connected from the start, to protect what's good

Tetra Pak’s vision is to make food safe and available everywhere. In 2011 alone, more than 18.4 billion beverage cartons carried an FSC label, reaching consumers right around the globe.

As Tetra Pak® packages are produced predominantly from wood fiber, healthy and productive forests are integral to the manufacturing process. By promoting FSC certification, Tetra Pak promotes biodiversity and social fairness. This is further complimented by a forestry program that focuses on traceability of supply and responsible forest management.

In 2011, over a third (34%) of all wood fiber used by Tetra Pak was FSC certified, and the organisation is committed to achieving 100% FSC certified supply in the future. By choosing FSC, Tetra Pak is putting its global buying power into good forest management, ensuring their paperboard supply is certified to the highest standards available.

Tetra Pak actively engages with civil society, paperboard suppliers and its customers to increase supply of FSC material; with civil society to encourage dialogue and foster uptake of certification; with suppliers to increase access to FSC-certified sources; and with customers to build the number of brands carrying the FSC logo.

Tetra Pak launched the first ever FSC labelled beverage cartons in 2007. Today they are available in thousands of stores around the world, enabling consumers to actively support responsible forestry while purchasing their milk or juice. And this is only the beginning.

“We have a stake in the future of the world’s forests. That’s why we choose FSC."
- Dennis Jönsson, CEO, Tetra Pak Group

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